We Heirs Apparent..., 2014

The genetic reservoir and uniqueness of the world’s seed heritage is threatened by the use of genetically modified seeds, and pollution of heirloom seed varieties by genetically modified crops—which come from genetically modified seeds. Genetically modified seeds trend towards uniformity, narrowing and destroying biodiversity.

we, heirs apparent examines the tension between biological uniformity and diversity. Hopefully, it encourages reflection about the idea of a common legacy and about what we hope to pass on to future generations.

The ephemeral and temporary nature of this work aim to amplify its meaning. Once environmental diversity and genetic information is gone, it is irretrievably gone. Inheritance and legacy cannot be adequately considered at the last minute. To be meaningful, they must be safeguarded and planned for over time in order for something of substance to be passed on. Throughout time, people have saved seeds, helping to preserve diversity for generations to come—a moving example of the creation of a common inheritance..