Topography of globalization, 2018

Because it is an international system, “globalization” is difficult to see.  And yet, it surrounds us –covering our bodies and the bodies of everyone around us.  The stencils in this wall drawing come from shapes of fabric scraps found outside garment factories in Bangladesh, graphs about worker safety, maps of factory supply chains, and clothing patterns. Together, the patterns reference the rigidity of labor, rows and rows of women working in garment factories, and the repetition of labor in a garment factory.  The work seeks to expose process and transparency, something abjectly lacking in the global clothing supply chain.


Media: Powdered soft pastel on the wall.

Exhibition:  "The Price of Our Clothes, a material meditation on garment factory disasters" at Carlton College in Northfield, MN, March 26th – April 27th, 2018.


"A Haunting Artistic Tribute to Garment Workers Killed in Bangladesh and the US," by Sheila Regan, Hyperallergic, April 9, 2018.