Bank of Our Common Wealth, 2011-ongoing

The Bank of Our Common Wealth is an ongoing project developed through an Open Field Fellowship with the Walker Art Center in 2011. I invite people to invest a dollar in the idea that wealth is about the strength of our connections to each other. Each dollar invested is sewn end to end with the other dollars previously invested using a foot-powered treadle sewing machine. The project facilitates conversations about how we understand ideas of value and wealth. 

The project has been brought to the Walker Art Center’s Open Field on several occasions, a number of Farmers Markets in the Twin Cities, to exhibitions at Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts in Fridley, Minnesota, the Janet Larsen Gallery in Eau Claire, WI and the Catherine Murphy Gallery in St. Paul, Minnesota. The Bank of Our Common Wealth was featured in the Women in Money Exhibition at the Nash Gallery at the U of MN in 2016.